Oil - Providing Energy for Progress
The world has produced about 1 trillion barrels of crude oil to date. Over the next century or so, approximately 2 trillion barrels more are expected to be produced from conventional proved reserves and undiscovered conventional oil. Additional supplies will be produced by Chevron and others from unconventional oil resources, such as extra heavy oil in Venezuela, oil sands in Alberta and shale oil in the United States.
Solar - Harnessing the Sun's Energy
Solar energy is power from the sun's rays that reach Earth. Using photovoltaic cells made from silicon alloys, sunlight can be converted into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity. Steam generators using thermal collectors to heat a fluid, such as water, sometimes convert even higher amounts of solar energy into electricity.
Natural Gas - Providing an Efficient, Economical Energy Source
Dismissed as a useless byproduct of crude oil production until the second half of the 20th century, natural gas now accounts for 23 percent of the world's energy consumption. And the demand is growing. An environmentally friendly and efficient energy source, natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, producing lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than heavier hydrocarbon fuels such as coal and oil.
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About Begas Energy

BEGAS ENERGY SDN BHD (BESB) is a Malaysian Bumiputera company incorporated in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 4th September 2008. BESB involves in Engineering & Construction works especially on Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Services. The main scope is providing maintenance services to Oil and Gas Majors operating both upstream and downstream sectors. The company’s management is headed by a highly dedicated, experienced, qualified and professional individual who had spent more than 15 years working in a national oil and gas company.

BESB occupied a warehouse in Labuan F.T. for storage, minor fabrication work and transit point of equipment to/from offshore.

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